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We are providing hypnosis course online free of cost. Hypnosis is simply an altered state of awareness which is different from waking, sleep, coma and the state of unconsciousness. A person’s mind in hypnotic trance remain awake. Hypnosis can also be understood as a state of heightened focal concentration and openness to suggestions. Many myths are prevalent towards hypnosis.

  • Hypnotism is dangerous
  • One can vomit personal secrets under hypnotism automatically
  • One can be made to indulge in immoral or criminal acts through hypnosis
  • One can fail to exit the hypnotic state and get hanged indefinitely in the hypnotic trance.
  • One completely looses one’s identity under hypnotic influence
  • A hypnotized person becomes totally unconscious
  • One can become unconscious through hypnosis and become absolutely detached from surroundings
  • One needs years of practice to learn hypnotism
  • One needs special abilities to learn hypnotism

To lean hypnosis you !

  • Don’t Need: To learn and chant any Mantra
  • Don’t Need: Practice any form of Tratak
  • Don’t Need: Acquire any Siddhi
  • Don’t Need: Any kind of Sadhna
  • Don’t Need: To involve in any Witchcraft, Black Magic, Agohra Tantra
  • Don’t Need: To learn Kala Jadu, Indrajal, Vashikaran Vidya and the like

To promote the awareness of hypnosis and demystify the whole procedures; we have launched an e-course on hypnosis. This e-course covers following topics:

  • A Quiz for hypnosis awareness
  • Comprehensive clarifications on myths regarding hypnosis
  • Scientific meaning and theories of hypnosis
  • Nature of conscious; sub-conscious and unconscious mind
  • A number of tests for testing suggestibility includes video links
  • Identification of dominant sense modality
  • Scanning for cerebral dominance
  • Classification of subjects into analytical and non-analytical
  • Group tests for suggestibility
  • Elaborate guidelines for pre-hypnosis preparation and settings
  • Hypnotic induction methods with video links
  • Trance depth testing procedures
  • Covert test for assessment of hypnotic trance
  • Two depth levels of Arons Master Depth Rule
  • Hypnotic phenomena like post-hypnotic suggestions; amnesia; time distortion
  • Subjective experiences during hypnotic trance
  • Orientation to Healing Models: Direct Suggestion Model; Age Regression; Peri-natal Regression; Pre-natal Regression; Past life Regression; Life Between Life Regression; Future Life Progression; Remote Healing
  • Links to hypnosis scripts
  • Selected Video Links for Hypnosis
  • Recommended reading for further study on hypnosis
  • PDF; PPT and MP3 Audio downloads on hypnosis
  • Continuing updates on hypnosis through Mind Power Lab Google Groups

E-course on Past Life Regression:

We are in the process of developing a e-course on past life regression. This e-course would cover following topics:

  • Brief orientation to the theory of psychoanalysis
  • Case of Anna O’
  • Instances of reincarnation in ancient literature
  • Theory of Karma
  • Ian Stevenson and Prof. Satwant Pasricha’s researches on Reincarnation
  • Dr. Brian Weiss’s work on past life regression
  • Instances reported in Born Again
  • Our case studies on past life regression
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Past Life Regression
  • Concept of Pseudo-regression vs. True regression
  • Explanation of Direct Suggestion Models of Hypnotherapy (Scripts)
  • Explanation of Regression Models of Hypnotherapy: Age Regression up to Birth; Perinatal Regression; Pre-natal Regression; Past Life Regression; Life Between Life Regression; Remote Healing;
  • Explanations of Progression Models of Hypnotherapy: Age Progression; Future Life Progression.
  • Explanation of Jheel Wale Baba Model of Hypnotherapy
  • Explanation of Various Techniques of Past Life Regression
  • Explanation of Past Life Regression Healing Techniques
  • Video Links on Past Life Regression
  • Scripts for past Life regression
  • MP3 downloads on past life regression
  • Recommended reading on past life regression
  • Continuing updates on past life regression through Mind Power Lab Google Groups


Dr I am so happy today while i did my first hypnotherapy on my nephew yesterday with your instructions given to me and with the help of other hypo-preparations on net links given by you. Thank you so much for that Dr I did regressed him for 37 min.30 sec. He found himself in a cage which is very dark and could not at all see himself then I asked him to go back few days back to see himself but still could not see might I felt I was too fast in regressing him he could see his wife besides him pregnant and they are in a village in Rajasthan having lots of acres of land of him and only one house of him alone with no one around and then he sees that villagers are screaming at him but he was silent and they finally took him to that dark room which is very dark and large but seeing that there is one hole on the roof for where he is getting some light but without food and light he dies inside and passes on to spirits life he was describing more of spirits soul then physical body I asked him what he can see he says there was light all over now am comfortable over here no pain and actually he was not scared of dark just he was not comfortable and in real life he do not like darkness he sleeps in dark but cover his head completely which he came to know the reason today He sees somebody but he was nobody cannot see him but he was controlling him when I asked him (subject) what he was saying he whispered “NO we are not allowed to say that they says (masters) he means that you have to wait they took everyone inside accept me i have to wait. Then after sometime he was still waiting I asked him again he became aggressive and voice was changed i think masters were speaking in his voice they were saying me what I felt that: NO you are not supposed to ask that u (subject ) has to go back to life his turn has not come subject is saying I am not allowed to say where I’ll go. Dr I have question that subject was fighting with masters to reveal to me and was not allowed to speak they were controlling him but he became aggressive not to come back to life and stay in spirits so that time I was bit confused how should I get him back from trance to normal. Dr I need to learn that how should I get back what should be my step for getting back subject to his real life and how should I narrate that to him I counted from 1to 10 an d asked him to come back after long process he came back to his life so please advice on this that it was the right procedures I did and if not what precautions I must take as I know I haven’t learned this techniques that much I did on therapies you suggested and I knew how to do it through books i have read and learned from Dr Bruce as well Dr Brian Please help me in this and let me know that once we need to start the process do we need to take the subject to past life directly or how? Also we can do the next sessions immediately next day or should we wait for some days? Please suggest.

Have a good day


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