Dr Brian Weiss, M.D.

Dr Brian Weiss is the top most leading authority in the field of past life regression therapy. We owe our deep gratitude to him and his contribution to the field of past life regression therapy and spirituality. We are highlighting most sought after aspects of Dr Brian Weiss and his influential work on past life regression therapy. His web address can be found towards end of this post.

brief background of Dr Brian Weiss

Dr. Brian Weiss received his medical training in Yale School of Medicine and became a qualified psychiatrist. He served as Chairperson in a Department of Psychiatry. A young lady was referred to him for a range of anxiety and depressive symptoms. On the basis of psychiatric history and mental status examination he formulated the case and prescribed suitable medicines. She refused to take medicines and requested for non-pharmacological treatment for her problems. He commenced dynamic psychotherapy with once a week sessions. Over one and half year of traditional psychotherapy did not produce any therapeutic effects in her psychological symptoms. Then, he resorted to hypnotherapy and used the established procedure of age regression. In age regression hypnotherapy, he was able to uncover some traumatic events in her childhood; but this uncovering also proved to be unhelpful for her symptoms. He continued hypnotherapy albeit half-heatedly when inadvertently he suggested that she should go to the point when her problems originated. To this suggestion of Dr. Weiss, Catherine flipped back in an ancient Egyptian time and relived a pat life which resulted in significant therapeutic effects. He continued to apply this form of regression popularly known as “past life regression therapy” and healed her completely without any chemotherapy. He presented the case of Catherine in full in his bestseller book “Many Lives, Many Masters” a recommended reading to any one interested in the concepts and procedures of past life regression You can find more details of Dr Brian Weiss biography on Wikipedia.

books on past life regression by Dr Brian Weiss

  1. Many Lives, Many Masters; An International Bestseller and highly recommended to anyone interested in past life regression. It presents a comprehensive account how he independently discovered past life regression and got deeply interested and convinced about the factual nature of this promising approach.
  2. Only Love is Real; This is the book which I read in 2002 and redefined my career. Dr Brian Weiss Only Love is Real presents in detail how soul mate got united. It also presents a case of verifiable details how soul mates if regressed independently can come us with strikingly similar information from the past lives.
  3. Through Time Into Healing: This book presents past life stories of successful healing done by him.
  4. Messages from the Masters: This is one of the best contribution of Dr. Weiss to the field of past life regression and spirituality. It contains many spiritual concepts supported by his own observations. A must read.
  5. Same Soul Many Bodies: This book provides his approach for future life progression.
  6. Miracles Happen

We highly appreciate the open minded approach of Dr. Brian Weiss presented in his books. He revealed all the techniques and procedures adopted by him for performing past life regression. You can find these books in pdf and ebook format too. Check amazon for availability of Dr brain Weiss books download

hypnosis and past life regression of Dr Brian Weiss

His approach to hypnosis and past life regression is quite simple and straightforward. It is procedure not based on any magical or mystical concepts. He puts his clients to deep hypnotic state either through instant methods or relaxation based procedures for hypnosis. A detailed account of his perspective on hypnosis and it nature can be found in the book through time into healing. Having attained a hypnotic state, he guides his clients through visualizations to past life experiences. Upon activation of the past life experiences, he guides the client to systematically explore the regressed life and he keeps on healing the past life wounds on fly.

past life regression cds mp3 audios of Dr Brian Weiss

There are two ways through which you can own Dr Brian Weiss cds on past life regression in mp3 audios and have a personal and private experience of past life regression. The first and easiest method is to buy his pre-recorded mp3 audios through a local book store or online. You can find it through amazon services. The second method is to do your own recording of past life regression scripts available in the books of Dr Brian Weiss and practice self-regression. This recording you can do by yourself or you could request any of your friends or professional who is good in audio recordings.

quotes on past life regression

“Happiness comes from within. It is not dependent on external things or on other people. You become vulnerable and can be easily hurt when your feelings of security and happiness depend on the behavior and actions of other people. Never give your power to anyone else.” ― Brian L. Weiss. You can find more quotes on good reads website.

is Dr Brian Weiss a fraud

You may heard of people saying Dr Brian Weiss a fraud. But for us No, absolutely not. He is a medically qualified professional of high repute. He has contributed to mainstream psychiatry too. He served as chairperson of the academic department of psychiatry and conducted researches. The cases he describes in his books are real case studies. There are striking similarities in case work ups, past life stories and healing in the work up of hundreds of past life regression therapists who may even not be aware of the work of Dr Brian Weiss. He is not a hoax he is a healer of high repute.


It took several years for Dr Brian Weiss to accept the reality of reincarnation despite his extensive work on past life regression and large number of case studies. This is perfectly alright keeping in mind his scientific background. Dr Brian Weiss view on reincarnation are clean and emphatic. He believes in reincarnation and performs extra-ordinary healing through his procedures.


Many skeptics have put forth Dr Brian Weiss criticism for the claims made by his healing. The major point of criticism is the theory invoked by the past life regression work as reincarnation has not yet been accepted by the scientific community despite extensive work of prof. Ian Stevenson on the children of reincarnation type.


He no longer takes individual clients for healing. Instead he conducts workshop throughout the world. His workshops are meant for both clients and professionals. In client’s workshops, he regressed the participants in group in order to guide them to their past lives and resolve their issues. In professional workshops, he equip professionals in his methods of past life regression therapy.



Dr Brian Weiss Fraud! A Critical Examination!

Is Brian Weiss Fraud? It took me several years to compile my thoughts and take up the question comprehensively. I would be sharing various aspects of Dr. Brian Weiss in this post to let you decide whether he is a real fraud? Dr. Weiss is a formally trained medical professional specializing in psychiatry and later on switching over to the field of past life regression. He holds valid and genuine medical and psychiatric degrees of United States and he served as the Chairman in the Academic Department of Psychiatry. This medical and psychiatric background of him is authentic and beyond any doubt. No body would raise any query or eyebrows for his medical qualifications and positions in US.

Having said that, the issue of fraud comes due to his extensive and in-depth involvement, practice and writing in the field of past life regression. Let me break past life regression process into two stages (a) Hypnosis (b) past life regression proper.

  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are legitimate, scientific and medically accepted modality of treatment which have been recognized by American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, British Medical Society and many more associations, organizations and Governments in the world. Hypnosis has its own scientific bases. Even the critics of hypnosis do believe in the existence of hypnosis in one or the other forms. You can find a chapter on hypnosis in most standards and authority textbooks of Psychiatry. It is not a taboo subject. Although there have been many myths and misconceptions attached to hypnosis as if it is a form of black magic. It is not black magic. It is a scientific procedure.
  • The field of past life regression is quite controversial and founded on yet to be scientifically established law of karma and rebirth. This carries religious connotations too. There are religions which do not share the theory of re-birth. And at the same time, there are not enough scientific evidence to prove the existence of re-birth. The proofs are awaited. Until accumulation of sufficient and convincing proofs of re-birth this procedure of past life regression would remain controversial and taboo in the field of science, religion and communities. Until sold proofs are available, the practice of past life regression is loosely and provisionally based on the theory of rebirth.
  • There are some evidence like the research of Prof. Ian Stevenson who conducted researches on the children of reincarnation type and presented solid evidence to the scientific community in favor of reincarnation. The evidence are being generated from various angles apart from the scientific studies of Stevenson and Satwant Pasricha. I am citing some sources of evidence which can help in establishing the theory of rebirth:
        • The work of Raymond Moody on Near Death Experiences as contained in Life After Life gives clues to the existence of life beyond this physical body.
        • The work of William Baldwin on Spirit Releasement Therapy
        • The work of Walter Simkew on medium based studies of past lives
        • The work of mediums like Edger Cacye who could contact spirits, act as medium and relay messages from the other side
        • The work of Dr. Brian Weiss on past life as contained in his books such as Many Lives, Many Masters

Dr Brian Weiss is one of several thousand persons across the world who are practicing, teaching and researching the field of past life regression. His teachings and books have promoted the field of past life regression in the world. You can find many videos in YouTube also you can search for past life regression in YouTube and Google to appreciate the breadth of the practice across the world.

How would you justify calling Dr Brian Weiss Fraud only because he is practicing past life regression, the theoretical underpinning of which are yet to be identified. As on date, the application of past life regression are being done for pragmatic reasons. Because it heals, it cures, it resolves the issues in your life, it is being used and practiced. If it stops working, it would come to an end like many therapies of the past, which were quite popular at some time but later on lost their grounds. But in today’s world, it is working, more and more people are coming forward to receive its benefits and getting healed.

I am an admirer of Dr. Brian Weiss and learn extensively through his books, practicing it, applying it, spreading and wiring on past life regression since 2002 and wish to continue to do so for rest of my life to give solace to the suffering soul, mind and body

I invite you to Free support Group to feel the energy of the people involved in past life regression, share your views and perspective on this noble field.

Have a nice day!


Requests Received by us:

I am too much frustrate from live, too much negativity in me, from every work start negative thought come in mind & I stop work, I many time see in my life I do work its go’s wrong & if sum one do same
work he get success in that.

i am a natural born witch. I want to know well how and why am i a natural witch. no one in my family is.
Valencia,Negros oriental,Philippines

I am a retired American living in the Philippines. I work with Reiki & other energy healing methods. I look forward to learning from you.
Piraeus, Greece

I am interested in past life regression for myself. I would be grateful if you sent me the free download for my own use for spiritual development

i always fail in love in my life,also i am very scare to swim and watch aquarium,also have a good knowledge of music and a good talent to cook

I am 67 years old male with keen interest in spiritualism and finding my life’s purpose, there is more to life than just our five senses as physical sensors.
Hoppers crossing

I have done a course in Hypnotherapy, most of the course was about guided imagery, parts therapy, control room etc. I have not learned much of PLR. I would be glad to learn the technique from your class
and group,This will enable me to help myself learn more about the process, and help others to overcome their karma.
Thank you,
George Cabral.

I seek truth. My name is Linda G. and I’ve been studying several topics on this subject for many years. I will continue my knowledge gathering all h days of my natural life, I’ve come to your site in
hopes to gain more knowledge and lend knowledge when wanted. I sincerely thank you.
Never loose hope, never lose Love and you will always Win.

I’m 18 years old! I love anything to do with the arts. I’m also love any mythology, different cultures, cooking and baking. I’m interested in the paranormal just a little bit. I would love to travel to
different countries when I get older.

I’m 18 years old! I love anything to do with the arts. I’m also love any mythology, different coltures, cooking and baking. I’m interested in the paranormal just a little bit. I would love to travel to
different countries when I get older.
San Pedro

I’m a house wife with a part time job, trying to do the best with what I have. I want to understand the pain that I’m in both physically as well as mentally. I think of myself as an overall good person, but
wonder if in my past life was I so bad that I must suffer in my present life.
San Pedro

I’m a house wife with a part time job, trying to do the best with what I have. I want to understand the pain that I’m in both physically as well as mentally. I think of myself as an overall good person, but
wonder if in my past life was I so bad that I must suffer in my present life.
I am working in a bank as a clerk. i am 31 years old. i want to learn hypnosis. i feel low confidence, low energy, poor public speaking. The boy i like say he like me but can’t marry me. so i remain depressed. i want to get out of this situation and lead healthy life and want to concentrate on studies n get promotion. whatever i read can be recalled easily by me.
thank you.

I am 67 yrs. old. My spiritual journey has been a life defeat. I was considered psychic when very young. My health problems remind me somehow to Dr. Weiss’s. wife. The fear , depressions, immune system,
back problems. This has kept me from being able to search in the right places. I am currently a Yoruba priest, although I don’t practice it much due to the hypocrisy I have come across in the religion. I have
been involved with a few spiritual movements and I have always been treated as special somehow. At the moment I am also a non practicing Reiki master. I have never charged for anything I have been able to do for others hence I have never had any money. Sometimes social security is not enough to buy food. I have been hypnotized twice in my life and both times I have found myself in the Jewish holocaust. Last time I found myself in front of Hitler himself. Every time after the experience I came out in horrible tears. I have read many of Dr. Weiss’s books or watched him on Infinite.com and various other shows. I wanted to write to him yrs. ago but I never thought I would get an answer. My health at the moment is poor and I know very deep in my heart that hypnosis regression would help me recover the few yrs. God has for me in this life. Learning or reading/studying may safe my life. Thank you

I am interested in the possibility of hypnosis for psychiatric reasons as the suicide of my Maternal Grandfather and 10 years ago my Mother has haunted me for my own future and my brother’s. I also have attempted to quit smoking for 3 years every way you can imagine. I actually cannot believe this is where I am ending up but my mind is opening to new possibilities.
Just truly fascinated with this subject. I have enjoyed reading this website for the past two days, so I thought I would join and continue my education!

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