Dr. Jain’s Methods

Dr. Jain's Methods of Hypnosis and Past Life Regression:

We are a team of volunteers working very hard to provide a platform and services on hypnosis, past life regression, future life progression, spirit removal procedures, life between lives regression, remote healing, remote scanning and removal of energy attachments, self-hypnosis, self-past life regression, age regression, pre-natal regression, peri-natal regression, e-course on hypnosis and similar services.

For making ourselves globally available, we have developed the largest online community of past life therapists, hypnotherapists, spiritual healers, Reiki masters, pranic healers, alternative therapists, medical professionals, homoeopathy practitioners, astrologers, seekers of past life regression services and all interested persons. The community is hosted on Google Groups and making significant contribution to the field. All these services are guided by the wisdom and expertise of Dr. Jain, Ph.D. who is conveniently available to all through this platform.

In the process of dealing with huge number of clients and therapists, Dr. Jain has made significant advancements in the techniques, procedures, and models of past life regression therapy. To reach maximum number of interested people, he has recorded all his experiences and techniques in "A Glorious Journey of Past Life Regression". We are encouraging every interested person, experts and learners to go through his unique and tested methods which have a universal applicability and being made available through Amazon at a nominal price.

It reveals all the core concepts, procedures which have been exemplified through a number of real case studies. We are trying to be honest and straightforward in our approach and commitment to serve the humanity and reduce human ailments through past life regression.

If you are comfortable and want to enrich yourself with most of the secret, instant, powerful and amazing procedures contained in this volume, you can right now place an order or you may come back again whenever you feel genuine need and commitment for your own empowerment in past life regression procedures.

We have operated on the premise that "there can be simple and easy solutions to the seeming most difficult task"; and with divine grace and our persistence we could make it for the larger benefits of the people of the world. We intend to reach every part of the world with our innovative, creative and comprehensive methods to date.

Your Gateway to Support on Past Life Regression:

We have created a successful and the largest online community of hypnotherapists, past life therapists, professionals, medical doctors, Ayurveda and Homeopathic physicians, astrologers, spiritual healers, Reiki masters, pranic healers, students, engineers, teachers and persons from all fields of knowledge. The community is hosted on most robust and convenient Google Groups platform. The experts from all over the world are contributing to the discussions and supporting the specialists and the people for learning and solving their problems. If you have got any interest in this area; you may like to be with us in this community right now or whenever you feel comfortable to make significant progress in your knowledge and skill of hypnosis and past life regression. An option for automated exit from the community is delivered with each message received from the group; enabling a person to leave the community as and when desired. When you decide to be with us in this noble community of its kind, you may do so through subscription box at the bottom

Are you keen to experience past life regression!

People are seeking past life regression services for resolving their emotional, interpersonal and health related issues which may have their roots in the experiences of past lives. There are cases which amply demonstrate the power of past life regression and related procedures to effect major therapeutic changes and even cure in a wide range of problems like allergy, asthma, phobia, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, feelings of insecurity, low self-confidence, performance anxiety, betrayal in relationship, being cheated, headache, stammering, pain, feelings of under-achievements, not feeling one's usual self and many others.

If you are keen to have a direct personal experience of past life regression for resolving your own issues or that of your near and dear ones; then we recommend you to become knowledgeable in the concepts and techniques of past life regression by doing a comprehensive reading which covers all the major aspects of hypnosis and related procedures in easy to understand language. "The Knowledge is Power". Arming yourself with correct and adequate knowledge prior to undergoing past life regression can save your lots of time, provide a framework of expectations, could make you confident while working with a therapist, save you from asking too many questions from the therapist and save your time and money spent in a session which may cost you $100 or even more for a session. Once you become knowledgeable in the procedures and the concepts; you and your therapist may feel at ease to proceed at the earliest for the proper regression session without spending much time in your initial preparation and education.

You will exactly know what you are going to experience; how the experience will be released by your mind; how susceptible is your mind for a successful experience of past life regression, what sort of instructions would be given to you by your therapist, how a therapist is likely to guide your journey to the past, how can you maximize the healing potentials of your own regression experience.

The acquired knowledge and skill in the process would help you at this point of time and also continue to do so for years to come. This may be a lifetime learning on your part because the concepts and skills are presented in most easy manner which can quickly be grasped by your mind. You do not have to trouble your mind by saying that it would be too difficult for you. Unless you have it; go through it; how could you make out that it is incredibly easy and simple. It is.

We recommend that you should become sufficiently knowledgeable prior to getting a personal experience of past life regression to derive optimum benefits from a regression session. Dr. Jain's program is most comprehensive and a unique one which can empower you in the core concepts and skills of hypnosis and past life regression which shall help you in deriving maximum gains from personal experience of regression with a therapist.

Get Empowered with Dr. Jain's Secrets of Past Life Regression:

A program of Indian origin with worldwide applicability. Grab it now to make a difference in your thinking, understanding and applications of Past Life Regression, Spirit Removal Procedures, Remote Healing, Invoking Divine Presence and using potentials of sub-conscious mind. An economic, most effective and tested program you will love it at the bottom of your heart. No extra-ordinary claims of any kind. You may never like to miss the power and vision envisioned in this potentially life transforming program.

Do you have a passion for learning past life regression!

Many great masters in the world enabled the practitioners of past life regression and promoted applications of it. The famous ones are - Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Dr. Kondaveti Newton, Dr. Yuvraj Kapadia, Dr. Andy Tomlinson, Dr. Hans TenDam, Dr. Michael Newton, Carol Bowman, Dr. Trupti Jayin (also searched as Dr. Trupti Jain, Dr. Tripti Jain), Dr. Walter Semkiw, Trutz Hardo, Dr. Sunny Satin, Yogesh Choudhary, Blossom Furtado, Dr. William Baldwin, Dr. Roger Woolger, Dr. Helen Wambach, Edith Fiore and others.

To learn the concepts and skills of hypnosis, past life regression, sprit removal procedures and other forms of regression and progressions, you need to have a supervised experience with an expert. The supervision would sharpen your skills and make you proficient. But there is a difference between approaching an expert for learning without any background or a partial background vis-a-vis comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the concepts and the skill sets. If you are entering into a learning program with higher level of baseline understanding and the skill set; you can make a faster progress and learn more during supervised instructions and demonstrations. Dr. Jain's program is meant to equip you thoroughly for such a baseline understanding which would accelerate your assimilation and incorporation of skills of the experts. You will find many techniques including instant ones for hypnotizing others, instructions for regression, what type of questions need be asked during regression, what to do for healing during the regression experience and a lot more. Having learned past life regression you could be able to resolve problems like fears, anxiety, allergy, pain, interpersonal dispute or any other problem of emotional, interpersonal nature which have their roots in past life traumatic events. It may be a great service on your part.

We have seen students who joined the supervised learning programs on past life regression after undergoing online hypnosis programs of more than $200 for making up their perceived inadequacy and upgrading their baseline knowledge. Our recommendation is straightforward. You won't necessarily need any program after going through Dr. Jain's program for equipping yourself at baseline into the skills of hypnosis and past life regression. Dr. Jain's program is an authoritative, final and thorough in all the respects to serve your this purpose. If you want; you can do additional readings to add further but not for seeking baseline knowledge. Dr. Jain is providing the best possible Empowerment Program which could transform your career of hypnosis and past life regression. You are likely to retain it as a ready reference manual for years to come. We are not making any extra-ordinary claims. We have done our own testing by circulating its preliminary form on a large group at baseline and we observed a quick and the fastest learning by the participants.

If you have a passion and want to make a difference in the lives of others through this knowledge of hypnosis, we feel, it is one of the best available program to orient you from A to Z on the requisite skills and concepts. You may feel amazed by the saving of your time, energy and even money in acquisition of essential hypnosis skills and powerful procedures of guiding past life regression. Dr. Jain presents his experiences and skill secrets in most lucid and easy to understand manner which can make lasting impressions in deeper layers of your mind. You would not only understand them but feel the joy of integrating them into your own skill repertoire.

Are you a practicing therapist anywhere in the world!

There is always a scope for innovation and advancement of one's skills. We favor an approach of continuing professional development (CPD) and we ourselves keep on reading and reading more and more books and programs on hypnosis and past life regression. This widens our horizon and add to our knowledge and skills.

If you have an open and receptive mind and you want to add tangible and significant skill set in your repertoire of existing skills; we would recommend you to at least view this resource and feel the joy of integration of the simple and easy to apply methodology of hypnosis, past life regression, Joseph Murphy Model, Jheel Baba Model, Personification Model, Remote Healing, Spirit Removal, Removal of foreign energy from places, projection of consciousness and much more...

You shall be having a series of 'ah' experiences while capturing the essence and to the point concepts and techniques which would stimulate your own creativity for developing your own methods of hypnosis and past life regression on the fly. The most promising would be our approach to spirit removal. A hitherto difficult concepts and procedures have been made incredibly easy and tested through a large number of therapists. We recommend you to have an open mind and learn the secrets of Dr. Jain's applications which can re-align your applications of hypnosis and past life regression.

Get Advantages of Being Early:

We feel that early is better as you can get sufficient time to absorb the rich experiences, concepts and the techniques of hypnosis and past life regression. We want to reach as many people as possible across the world to spread the awareness and empower therapists in the core skills. You may be having a passion and interest in past life regression at this moment or you may feel inclined to get into it after sometime. In both the cases, this volume may change your perspective of the entire field of hypnosis and past life regression. You do not lose anything by learning the powerful techniques. A skill learning can come handy anytime in one's life. You need to act quickly; else you may forget or lose this opportunity of potentially life transforming skills set. We are real people doing real service to the humanity. You can have a feel of our world class support system through largest community on past life regression. We have a passion to support the cause of past life regression.

The True Features in the Program

Guided visualization

Self-regression throughmeditation

Audio assistedself-regression

Instant and rapid methods of hypnotic induction

Assessing hypnotic potentials of anyone

Hypnotic trance deepeners

Know for sure whether a person has really been hypnotized through your suggestions

Several techniques of past life regression

Instant and rapid past life regression techniques

Creative techniques of accessing past life of other persons

Types and techniques of age regression

The questions you need to ask during regression and the way you could guide a person to have an experience of past life regression

Life between lives regression

Future life progression

Spirit removal procedures

Remote healing through hypnosis

Hypnosis termination procedures

A comprehensive guide for users of past life regression

Many more concepts and procedures

Directory Services:

We are maintaining multiple directories links of past life regression experts in several major cities of the world. Please tell us if you are looking for a therapist in following and other cities. We cannot enlist each and every city of the world here. We are citing only a few. You may approach us for directory service even if your city is not listed here. Also every day experts are being added to one or the other cities and the updates may take some time to get reflected in this listing. Atlanta, Abu Dhabi, Ahmedabad, Arkansas, Alabama, Boston, Bangalore, Baltimore, Birmingham, Bhopal, Colorado, Chandigarh, California, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Delhi, Dehradun, Dubai, Edinburgh, Edmonton, Ernakulum, Faridabad, Florida, Goa, Gurgaon, Haridwar, Houston, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Kansas, Kanpur, London, Lucknow, Los Angels, Miami, Meerut, Mumbai, New Jersy, New Delhi, Navi Mumbai, New Zealand, Noida, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, Phoenix, Pune, Sydney, Washington etc. You may get a link to the directory by subscribing to Dr. Jain's Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Support System. If you are a therapist and want to get listed in our resources, you may do so by sending us your details through online contact form. We would be listing only city on this page and would add your records to the directory links which would be intimated you upon submission.


The author, Dr. Jain, Ph.D. is actively involved in performing past life regressions, making innovations in the procedures of accessing past lives and supporting the therapists through his expertise. He delivers thought provoking demonstration lectures and conducts workshops on hypnosis and past life regression in universities, colleges, institutions and spiritual forums. In this program, he is sharing all his innovations to date and the case studies with an objective to demystify the whole field of inquiry and to elucidate how past life regression can have potentials to heal the human ailments. Any person interested in hypnosis and past life regression shall have a series of ‘ah’ experiences and feel the joy of the simple and effective techniques and would get tempted to integrate many of them into his/her practice of hypnosis and past life regression. There is a section on self-regression which would make it an easy task for any person to devise one’s own self-hypnosis program and derive benefits from this powerful approach. A user’s guide would give a comprehensive idea to a person who is contemplating to have a personal and direct experience of past life regression for any issue of one’s life.



A most economic and recommended program for the persons with promindset, skeptics, users, medical practitioners, psychologists,counselors, past life therapists, professionals, spiritual healers,Reiki masters, pranic healers, psychics, alternative therapists and any person interested in the field of hypnosis, past life regression and reincarnation.

Do you have translation skills!

We are inviting interest for translation of this program in as many languages of the world as possible. This program has a world-wide applicability and the merit of its own kind. If you want to make a difference by contributing a translation in your mother tongue and reach to your own people; we would advise you to write to us through Online Contact Form at the bottom of this page. Every translated version of the program will carry the name of the translator as "Translated By" below the name of the author. In the process of the translation, a translator would gain a deeper level of understanding of the concepts and skills elaborated in the program. An added bonus for the translators. Additionally, the translators would have a personal interaction with Dr. Jain through emails and learn about his vision of this field; and get responses to the queries on core skills. We would be managing the publication of translated versions. The translation drive is being added to the program with an inspiration and motivation to help the mass in every part of the world.


This program is being delivered in PDF and other e-book format for instant delivery. You will get it in your email inbox or PC within a few minutes. We recommend you take a print out and read to get optimum creative solutions.

Unleash Your Creativity in Past Life Regression through path-breaking models of Dr. Jain:

  1. Personification Model: Instant Spirit Removal Procedure
  2. Joseph Murphy Model: Using Potentials of Sub-conscious Mind
  3. A break-up of the Levels of Age Regression: Re-defining the method
  4. Jheel Baba Model: A Powerful Divine Presence to Protect and Heal on the Spota
  5. Doing-it-for-Yourself and in-Groups: Self-hypnosis and regression; hypnotizing groups
  6. Remote scanning and spirit removal from other persons and places: Projection of Consciousness


Capt. Avinash Verma, Email: captakverma@gmail.com: It really is an honour for me to pen a few words for Dr . Jain’s this path-setting, comprehensive technical presentation on hypnosis, hypnotherapy and Past life Regression therapy. Dr Jain has been very precise and fairly straightforward in his approach and has successfully managed to condense the knowledge which one usually acquires after several years of theoretical and practical training in an Institution setting. I am sure that this work will not only serve as a concise rapid reader type reference manual for practicing therapists but will also help students and trainees in acquiring and honing these skills in shortest possible time. This will also help in understanding and appreciating our immortal being and its purpose.

Prof. Prashant Verma Email: prof.verma.in@gmail.com: This program of Dr. Jain is an extremely useful resource which dispels myths about hypnosis and brings fast, effective process of healing. Dr. Jain has presented the text in a most justifying manner. It successfully addresses believer and skeptic of the concepts. I am sure this would become my guide and companion for fairly long time in this life.

Dr. Jain's Note on Pricing:

This program is being distributed in every part of the world. A large share goes to the service providers and taxes. Only a negligible amount is credited to the author. Dr. Jain is simply motivated by an idea to help the mass through his innovative programs and a non-commercial support system. The program is priced at the bare minimum level and delivers a value which is many times greater than what you pay for it.


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