Reincarnation and Past Life Regression Therapy

Reincarnation and past life regression therapy are tied together. Reincarnation is a technical term used for re-birth. That is, the theory of reincarnation holds that we are made up of two components – (a) a physical body which perishes and gets destroyed at death (b) a non-physical being which gets separated at death and comes to life again in a new body. This is also called as soul.

The idea of re-birth is deeply embedded in Indian Vedic philosophy and religion. There are epics and sayings which extend over several rebirths of the same soul. You can find mention of a series of lives of the same soul which gets reincarnated in different life forms and the ultimate aim is to get rid of life cycles by dissolving the acquired karma. Astrology also uses the theory of reincarnation. A related theory is that of Law of Karma which is also closely tied with the birth cycles.

It is not that the idea of reincarnation is based exclusively on the religious preachings. Empirical and scientific evidence have been generated by medical scientists in favor of reincarnation. Prof. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia and Prof. Satwant Pasricha of India have conducted extensive studies on children of reincarnation type who spontaneously remember their previous lives. Their stories, birth marks and birth defects have been validated by these researchers and they came to the conclusion that the evidence they have do favor the theory of reincarnation. The evidence in favor of rebirth also comes from many other type of research studies like near death experiences, psychic abilities of mediums and studies on past life regression. More than 3000 cases of reincarnation type have actually been physically validated by these researchers of reincarnation.

For a moment, if we can pause and contemplate that the reincarnation is a fact; then it implies both existence of a physical body as well as a non-physical being which moves body to body across lives. In that case, this soul migrates in bodies and in the process it carries impressions and karma across lives. These Karma could be good or bad in the sense of being traumatic and painful. These painful karma can act as seed which produce a tree of symptoms, disorders, ailments, problems of various kinds. If karma is the causal seed for a problem or disorder; then there are primarily two methods of its resolution – (a) face the consequences of karma (b) dissolve the seed karma through some methods and past life regression is based on this approach.

The seed karma can be diluted, resolved and mitigated through performing religious, spiritual practices like meditation, pooja and the like. Past life regression appears to be one of the most important procedure which has potentials to release the acquired karma of previous lives. Under hypnotic trance, a person is guided to psychologically visit his/her previous lives, do ventilation and adopt alternative perspectives which produce healing of the disorders, resolution of issues and problems and thereby reducing the powers or even dissolution of seed karma.

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